Security and cooling systems

Control access, CCTV cameras and IT equipment

CCTV Security Systems









Whether it’s your home or business, we all take comfort in knowing that what we care about is safe and secure. You may not be able to be on guard 24-hours a day, but thanks to CCTV cameras and other home security camera systems, you can protect what matters to you, without the ongoing expense of employing a security firm. Using CCTV systems also provides a visible deterrent to intruders, while the modern technology used in many security camera systems today means you can integrate your cameras with your TV, PC, smartphone and tablet.

Interactive, real-time security management








We also provide security management system on an innovative security integration platform which is adaptable to small and large applications.  Its open system technology utilizes your IT infrastructure and enables integration with multiple building management systems and devices to achieve operational efficiencies.  In fact, the more complex your facility’s security needs, the more efficient equipment can be in leveraging technology to deliver the results you need to achieve your goals. 

Running on a number of common operating systems, our equipment incorporates the latest wireless technologies and features a graphical user interface that keeps procedures simple for the operator and delivers more flexibility.  The technology platform allows you to centralize security and building operations, via the web or installed network.  Operators can get access to real-time views of your facility, even in multi-campus sites, on any web-based computer or handheld device.

 IT Equipments








Information technology is a crucial aspect of business and communication in the modern world. Therefore, we take pride in designing and developing an effective information system for your business. We ensure the use of certified equipment in our designs which provides efficiency and reliability.

Electrical equipment and materials; AVS, Frioguard, phase failure relays and surge protectors.Motor servicing, overload protection and rewinding 


Air conditioners, ventilation and cold rooms








Keeps air moving with the right fan for your space. Outfit your shed or silo with a barn fan or ventilate a store or warehouse with a belt driven exhaust fan. Save energy with a solar fan, ideal for green buildings. With more than 20 types and hundreds of models to choose from, our fans can help keep your facility well-ventilated.

In the modern world, people congestion is high and space is limited. Therefore, free flow of air may be difficult which may affect our working environment by making us uncomfortable or even creating an environment for transmission of various diseases. For this reason we provide air conditioning facilities which maintain steady flow of fresh air within your working space.