Power Backups & Protection

UPS, voltage regulators, inverters, solar lighting, solar water heater and generators








Power security has two dimensions, continuous power availability and power safety. It is dangerous to have a continuous flow of unstable power; the loss it may cause can easily outdo the benefits. It is also not justifiable to have unreliable power flow for your business or facility as it affects your operations which in turn reduce your productivity. For security reasons, it is also important to have reliable lighting system with back up which will provide adequate time for action in case of any power problem.

For this reason, we provide power back up facilities which will suit your business or premises. These facilities include; inverters, UPS and voltage regulators. Our engineers and technicians will help you to select the best system for your purpose. We will also help you in the design process to ensure that our equipment provide you with maximum satisfaction. We provide various sizes of equipment depending on the requirement 

 We provide true online, double-conversion UPS for networks specifically designed for customers demanding efficiency and reliability. UPS supplies online backup power and scalable battery run times for mission critical applications such as IT rooms, telecommunications, banking medical facilities, and other critical applications. Our UPS delivers superior technology with one of the lowest cost of ownerships in all power ranges.

A wide input voltage range reduces battery discharge and prolongs battery life. We have machines which are 96% ECO mode efficient and space-saving, reduced footprint lowers total cost of ownership and overall operational costs, making it an optimal UPS for networks.

The exponential rise and need for system availability creates an environment where simple power protection is not enough. Reliability equates to redundancy, which translates to system availability. Low initial investment, double-conversion technology, advanced management system, and high-efficiency means uncompromising reliability.


Batteries (UPS, inverters, solar, car and generator)








We supply batteries only from reliable manufacturers around the world. We ensure that the products provided to our clients are able to provide reliability, efficiency and perfection. We also have a local process and facilities for testing the batteries to ensure that they meet the necessary standards. We know batteries from our experience and training; therefore, we provide a specific battery for each purpose. You will have the chance to choose from our wide range of battery types and brands









We provide generators from reliable manufacturers in the world. We have all sizes of generators set for various requirement that you may have for your business or home. We also provide support for our clients on generators with all spare parts available in our store for immediate response to your problems. Our technicians are also well trained to handle all technical issues in generators and ensure that your down time is a as low as possible.