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Lintex systems was established in the year 2011 out of a brainstorming process by engineers and technicians from various technical aspects in our day to day life. Issues affecting people and their businesses on a day to day basis were put into considerations. We realized that some problems our clients face are common while many others are unique to each individual and situation. Therefore, we established Lintex Power Systems LTD which deals with each isolated problem individually. Our engineers and technicians have the capacity to handle power systems, cooling systems, lighting systems, water heating systems and security system.


  a).  Electrical and lighting solutions
  b).  Electrical testing and commissioning 
  c).  Maintenance and service of electrical equipment
  d).  Generator service and maintenance
  e).  Site surveys, diagnosis and repairs of electronic and electrical systems
  f).   Electrical equipment and materials; AVS, Frioguard, phase failure relays and surge protectors
  g).  Motor servicing, overload protection and rewinding


  a).  Electrical appliances, fittings and accessories
  b).  Batteries (UPS, inverters, solar, car and generator)
  c).  UPS, voltage regulators, inverters, solar lighting, solar water heater and generators
  d).  Lighting equipment
  e).  Solar energy
  f).  Air conditioners, ventilation and cold rooms
  g).  Control access, CCTV cameras and IT equipment

Our clients include:

  1. Data center companies

  2.  Medical institutions

  3.  Education institutions

  4.  Cinemas

  5.  Shopping malls and retail outlet shops

  6.  Hotel industry

  7.  Telecommunication industry

  8.  Hospitals

  9.  IT companies